Welcome to Old Western Scrounger, a trusted firearm enthusiast. Our foundation is deeply rooted in our parent company, Navy Arms, a name synonymous with top-tier historic, vintage and collectible firearms. This heritage drives our commitment to offering you an impressive selection of vintage firearms, each with a unique charm and history. Below, you’ll find various firearms to cater to your specific interests. Whether you’re a military surplus history buff or a sport shooting enthusiast, our handpicked collection of used guns and long guns will catch your attention. Our firearms selection includes vintage rifles, classic pistols, time-honored shotguns, and unique rimfires from all over the globe. We’ll take you through a tour of our vintage firearms, unveiling the story and quality behind each type of firearm.

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Vintage Rifles: A Blend of History and Precision
Our selection of vintage rifles caters to diverse interests, ranging from military surplus rifles to sporting and hunting rifles. Each piece tells a different story, resonating with the rich history of firearm craftsmanship.

  • Military Surplus Arms: These are genuine pieces from past eras, offering a unique glimpse into military history. They serve as collectors’ items and functional firearms, maintaining their performance even after decades of creation. The following models are just some examples of our current offerings, with new models and types arriving regularly.
  • Enfield Rifles: Hailing from Britain, Enfields are renowned for their robust design and manufacturing precision. These bolt-action rifles were a staple in both World Wars, making them a remarkable piece of history for any collector.
  • Mauser Rifles: Originating in Germany, Mauser rifles are famed for their design and reliability. These firearms set the standard for bolt-action rifles, influencing the design of virtually all modern bolt-action guns.
  • FRF2 Rifles: The FRF2 was the main sniper rifle used by special units of the French armed forces, including the famed French Foreign Legion. It’s a symbol of durability and accuracy, sought after by enthusiasts for its extreme rarity, military significance and exceptional performance.
  • Bolt Action Hunting Rifles: Our inventory regularly includes numerous famous makers, including Sako, Parker-Hale, BSA and CZ. With their smooth bolt action mechanism, these rifles have been a favorite among hunters. They combine historical aesthetics with effective hunting performance.
  • Target Rifles: Designed for precision shooting, these vintage rifles from makers such as Anschutz, Walther, BSA, Greener and others hold a special place in the hearts of sports shooting enthusiasts. They bear the hallmarks of a bygone era while still delivering on the precision front.

We continuously update our inventory with new and exciting worldwide rifles. So, be sure to revisit us regularly to explore the latest additions to our collection. The story of each rifle adds a distinct flavor to our assortment, mirroring our dedication to offering a blend of history and performance.

  • Classic Pistols: Timeless Elegance and Performance
  • Old Western Scrounger offers an array of classic pistols that have stood the test of time. These renowned brands’ firearms are known for their quality, design, and historical significance.
  • Colt Revolvers: Known for their craftsmanship and durability, firearm enthusiasts have long favored them. These pieces reflect the innovation and quality that Colt has consistently delivered.
  • Smith & Wesson Revolvers: As one of the most recognizable names in firearms, Smith & Wesson revolvers are synonymous with reliability and performance. Owning one is like holding a piece of American firearm history.
  • IWI & Jericho Pistols: Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) is recognized worldwide for its innovative and quality firearms. An IWI pistol is a testament to modern design principles grounded in historical firearm tradition with reliability proven over decades of use in extreme conditions.
  • Zastava Pistols: Zastava Arms has a rich history as a quality arms manufacturer dating back to the 19th century, continuing through Yugoslavia to modern-day Serbia. Their pistols are valuable for their robustness and accuracy.
  • CZ Pistols: Hailing from the Czech Republic, CZ is known for its innovative designs and reliable firearms. A CZ pistol offers a mix of modern functionality and classic appeal.

Our collection of classic pistols is updated regularly with new additions that allow you to explore and own a part of firearm history. We ensure that each piece you get is more than just a firearm; it’s a piece of history, quality, and timeless elegance.

Vintage Shotguns: Craftsmanship Through the Ages
We celebrate the elegance and functionality of vintage shotguns here at Old Western Scrounger. Our shotgun collection showcases a variety of styles, each reflecting a rich history of craftsmanship and performance.

Side by Side Shotguns: These classic double-barrel shotguns offer a traditional feel and are an outstanding choice for hunters and collectors over modern made lesser quality guns and “OWS’s inventory includes makers from England, Belgium, Spain and France, all renowned for their skill at making guns that are well balanced and swift handling.
Over and Under Shotguns: Famed for their accuracy and ease of aim, over and under shotguns are a favorite for both the range and the field among sporting enthusiasts. These firearms feature makers from Italy, Spain and Japan all display an enduring appeal thanks to their aesthetics and performance.
Single-Shot Shotguns: With their simplicity and reliability, single-shot shotguns are a testament to the less-is-more philosophy. They’re an excellent choice for those who appreciate the craft of shooting.
Personal Protections Shotguns: OWS features shorter-barrelled side-by-side coach guns, pump action, and semi-auto shotguns are known for their rapid-fire capability and reliability.

We constantly add to our collection of vintage shotguns, ensuring you’ll always have new pieces to explore. Whether it’s the craftsmanship or the shooting experience you’re after, our variety guarantees a remarkable journey into the past. Every shotgun tells a story. Come, find one that speaks to you.

Unique Rimfires: Uncovering a Legacy of Innovation
We sincerely appreciate rimfire firearms here at Old Western Scrounger, as they are known for their distinctive firing mechanism and historical significance.

Rimfire Rifles: These firearms, dating back to the 19th century, have a long history of offering ease of use and affordability, making them a popular choice for many firearm enthusiasts. They include single-shot, pump-action, semi-auto, and bolt-action repeating rifles from famous makers, including Anschutz, FN/Browning, Walther, BSA, Remington, Winchester, Savage, and Greener, among others.

With a continual flow of new inventory, our collection of rimfire firearms offers something for everyone. From classic designs to rare finds, our dedication is to provide a diverse selection for our customers. Experience the charm and history of these unique rimfires, where every firearm holds a story.

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Diverse Collection: Our inventory is a carefully curated assortment of vintage firearms worldwide. We offer an array of rifles, pistols, shotguns, and rimfires, each with unique stories and charm.
Quality Assurance: Every firearm is checked meticulously for quality. We are committed to providing a vintage piece that meets performance expectations.
Historical Significance: Each firearm in our collection has a rich history. Owning one means owning a piece of the past, adding a unique value to your collection.
Continuous Updates: Our inventory is updated regularly with new arrivals. There’s always something new to discover at Old Western Scrounger, making each visit a fresh experience.
Customer-Centric Approach: We believe in building relationships with our customers, and our team is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect vintage firearm.
At Old Western Scrounger, we’re more than just a store; we’re your partner in exploring the fascinating world of vintage firearms. Discover the difference and shop firearms online with us today!